Ukraine 3D map with rivers color Elis Ukraine 3D map with rivers color Elis Ukraine 3D map with rivers color Elis

Ukraine 3D map with rivers color Elis

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The wooden map of Ukraine will perfectly complement the interior of any office or house and attract everyone's attention with its style and quality. More than 60 colors and the possibility of styling it individually - with markings, inscriptions, logos, etc.


High-quality birch plywood.


You can choose any color from our palette.

*Color of the map can vary due to natural material.



- English

- Ukrainian


The set includes:

1. Map fragments;

2. Instruction: 1pc.



- Full engraving names of the countries, which makes it possible to better distinguish them from a distance;

- The FACTURA world map is not an exact geographic map of the world;

- Humidity, temperature changes, and direct sunlight can damage the map's appearance.


How to install:

- The map is installed on the wall on a special adhesive tape (which is installed on the back surface of the map).

- Mount the map (preferably) on a flat, smooth, dust-free surface.

- Approximate installation time: 1 hour


Production time: 5-7 working days.

*On holidays, production times can be extended.