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Set of wooden lamps "Moonlight"

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Wooden lamps for your interior

Features of wooden lamps

Wooden lamps add natural charm and eco-style to any interior. Made of natural wood, they harmoniously fit into various design concepts, creating coziness. These lamps have various shapes and can be supplemented with metal or glass details, making them real works of art. An important feature is the possibility of powering both from a 220V network and from a power bank, which provides continuous lighting even when the electricity is turned off. The lamps are equipped with a touch button for turning on and adjusting the brightness of the light.

The set includes 2 lamps of the "Moonlight" line

Size of one lamp: 150x40x12 cm

Color to choose from:

  • 14 options, check with the manager

Lighting options:

  • Warm white
  • Neutral white
  • Cold white

Advantages of wooden lamps

  • Aesthetic light source: Used as main or additional lighting.
  • Unique design: Natural wood and creative shapes give the interior a special style.
  • Functional zoning: Help to visually divide the space into different functional zones.
  • Environmental friendliness: Use of natural and safe material.
  • Power supply versatility: The possibility of operation both from a 220 V network and from a power bank.
  • Convenience of control: Touch button for turning on and adjusting the brightness of the glow.

Floor lamps

Wooden floor lamps are an ideal choice for zoning space and creating atmospheric lighting. They serve as an additional source of light and a stylish element of decor. Each floor lamp is equipped with an additional wall mount.

Hanging and ceiling lamps

Hanging and ceiling lamps made of wood are suitable for general or zonal lighting. The minimalist design, made of natural wood, perfectly complements loft-style interiors. They can be equipped with additional fasteners for mounting on the wall.

Choose wooden lamps for your interior and enjoy their functionality and refined design that emphasizes your individuality and care for the environment.